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  8 divisions in 3 weeks

I managed to cut my worm of the regeneration-challenge in 3 pieces during the first amputation round. One week later, I could cut each piece in two. A week after that, I even managed to cut some of ...

– Sergio


We have used the box for first-year students (first semester, Bachelor degree). Lot of science fun. Protocol is neat, the plasticware of high quality. Very helpful and friendly support. I would ...

– Jurre Hageman

  Stem cells

This is a nice 2-minute video about stem cells from sciencesketches:

– Stijn

  School project with Schmidtea mediterranea

I used Planaria (Schmidtea mediterranea) to monitor the effect of paclitaxel on the regeneration of wounds. Planarians were incubated in different concentrations of Paclitaxel and underwent bisection ...

– Janne Vink